Why do people buy Antique Rugs?

cImage via Flickr

One of the best items in the world that can give a great representation of life through the ages are Antique Rugs. Rugs can vary in size, colour and style. Although most of us use them as a decorative ornament, they are also displayed in museums as part of exhibits. These are a great insight into the way higher-class people lived back then. Truly antique rugs date back to before the 1800’s. The sheer variety of rugs and their craftsmanship is a testament to the skill of rug makers in centuries bygone.

The demand for antique rugs has risen considerably in the last couple of years. Artisans such as those throughout Central Asia have created specific kinds of rugs. These all have  rare, highly sought after designs. The very material of these rugs is also very expensive – some of them are made from silk or cotton, meaning they can even hold up to today’s standards. Their decorative charm is irresistible to rug collectors with their colourful, vivid designs.

There is a huge range of classifications for rugs. Oriental rugs in particular originated in and around Eastern Asia. Their unique designs and colours are easily distinguishable and are a trademark of their Chinese/Himalayan origin. Other types include European and Persian rugs or even antique Aubusson carpets. Much like Oriental rugs, Persian rugs are revered for their unique patterning and colour combinations. However, the maintenance of antique rugs can be quite difficult. Those who devote their time to the collection of rugs are very particular in their treatment. Some may hang them in a similar fashion to a museum! Although it sounds peculiar, it makes a lot of sense – the upkeep of antiques can be costly.

True antique rug collectors are very knowledgeable on rugs from particular time periods. They can easily recognise what designs originate from where and even verify their authenticity. With the modern technologies available today, it is fairly easy to reproduce fake antique pieces. Novice buyers can be easily fooled by the product in question and spend large amounts of money on something that is actually a fraction of the price. It can also be hard to track down these dealers due to their patterns of movement. Connoisseurs of antique rugs should be able to tell apart an authentic piece from a fake. A thorough inspection can reveal telltale signs of synthetic design.

Antique rugs remain a staple amongst collectors of high-end décor. Their designs and patterns are timeless. The one caveat with antique rugs is that there are only so many of them. As time passes, it’s likely that they will be found in a museum rather than a home. Their price and maintenance could well make it difficult to keep them as a household item. However this is unlikely to be a stopping point for true antique aficionados. They posses amazing craftsmanship and unique aging qualities that modern carpets lack. If they are there to be sought out, buyers won’t hesitate to travel wherever they may be!