10 Ways to Bring History to Life For Your Kids

There is no subject where the gap between how boring your kids think it is and how exciting you could make it is wider. There’s a wealth of opportunities out there to pique your little ones’ interest in lots of aspects of history. So if they are starting to roll their eyes at the thought studying Vikings or getting stuck for inspiration while reading about the Romans, use these handy tips to bring the subject to life.

 Get Crafty

If you are constantly looking for the opportunity, here is the perfect time to get the craft materials in. Websites such as George Weil sell all kinds of bits and pieces for you to start your own history project. From drawing Egyptian hieroglyphics to making a roman bracelet, there are hundreds of artsy activities for you and your little ones.

 Go to the Source

There are plenty of free history resources around to get your kids inspired. Take them to a museum or a National Trust property and let them see history first hand. Most museums run free activity programmes or alternatively, you can have fun designing your own programming for your family.


 Read in the right way

Books such as Horrible Histories put a unique spin on the subject and not only get your little one interested, but have you falling about laughing. As well as taking tips from the Horrible Histories team, it is a good idea to seize on any opportunity you get to read to your child about a subject, place or person who may pique their interest at any given time.

 Watch TV productively

It is great to make their screen time more productive by adding context to historical films such as Robin Hood or anything about dinosaurs. Combine other tips here with a movie to make a more holistic historic experience.


 Connect to the Past

A good way to have the past make more sense to young children is getting them to make connections between people’s lives then and their own life now. For example, a trip to a Victorian school house will throw out numerous opportunities to compare and contrast classrooms and lessons over a hundred years ago and what your children experience now.

 Talk to Relatives

For historians and young children alike, there is no better resource than living accounts of times gone by. Get them to engage with Grandma or Grandad and ask them about their childhoods. It’s a great bonding experience as well as a fun way to learn.


Get into Character

Historic re-enactments can be fun and immersive ways for your kids to learn about any era of the past. Take opportunities to dress up and live like a family of a different time period for a day.

 Cook up a Feast

A fun way to live like people used to in days gone by is to cook up a feast. There’s a host of recipes to try from Ancient Greece to NASA-approved nibbles in cookbooks such as this.

 Encourage Inquisitiveness

The most important tip is to encourage your children’s thirst for knowledge. If they ask difficult questions which you can’t answer make an effort to find the facts and show them how you have found them out.