Seven Tips For A Healthier Skin


A lot of therapists are offering their services as dermatologists. You can recognize a dermatologist by their education. A dermatologist needs to complete a medical degree at a university before receiving a specialized training in dermatology. Don’t hesitate to ask your dermatologist about their specification.

Facials may not be the answer to your problems

If you tend to have acne, rosacea or have sensitive skin, the facials offered by spas and beauty salons are not a good option for you. A study showed that facials could actually made breakouts worse in 80% of cases. You should receive a medical grade facial through your dermatologist if you need one.

Your diet is important

You are more than likely aware that sugar is not good for you. However, a lot of people do not realize how foods rich in sugar affect their complexion. Making bad nutritional choices can cause your skin to age a lot faster.

Stress is bad for your skin 

There are not a lot of studies about the connection between medication and healthy skin. However, high stress levels cause your system to produce higher levels of cortisol, which causes your skin to age. Getting your stress under control will prevent your skin from aging, for instance by meditating on a daily basis.

Get your moles checked 

It is crucial to get your moles checked by a dermatologist. Ideally, you should aim and think I want to meet a dermatologist near me at least once a year. You should also examine your skin yourself at least once a month to make sure your moles still look the same.

Choose products adapted to your skin 

A lot of people with sensitive skin choose rich and thick moisturizing creams to soothe their skin. It is important to choose products adapted to your skin type to get good results. You need to choose skin care products based on your skin conditions or your skin type. Ask a dermatologist for recommendations if you are not sure products are best for you.

Be patient 

Some patients want to start treatments for acne scarring before their acne has completely disappeared. However, it is best to wait for acne to be gone before treating acne scarring. Treating acne scarring too early could worsen acne lesions. A good dermatologist should be able to prescribe an efficient treatment for acne before treating scarring.

Aqueous creams can irritate 

Aqueous creams make good substitutes for soap but you should not leave these products on as moisturizers. Some patients try leaving these creams on to get rid of eczema or soothe sensitive skin. General practitioners and pharmacists often make the mistake to recommend that patients leave these creams on. However, most aqueous creams contain sodium lauryl sulphate, a foaming agent that can irritate the skin.

Stop using face wipes

You should not using facial wet wipes instead of soap to clean your skin. These wipes can be used while you are on the go and have no other option to clean your face. However, wipes do not clean your skin as well as soap and can irritate it.


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