Adding Luxury Touches to Your Bathroom

Your bathroom can start looking old and tired pretty quickly. Therefore, you should look for ways to keep it fresh and new all year round. We all want touches of luxury in our bathrooms, but real luxury is expensive, I know I can’t afford that kind of thing!

So, I’ve devised some quickly and easy ways in which you can add luxury touches to your bathroom. Don’t settle for a drab, lifeless bathroom. Follow these tips and your bathroom will have a new lease of life in no time.

Add a New Mirror

Your eye is immediately drawn to the mirror in a room. It is usually the thing that stands out on the wall, so make sure yours isn’t cheap and ugly. Get something elaborate or in fitting with the rest of your room.

Mirrors provide extra light and make a room look bigger, they’re not just for looking at yourself in! So, if you don’t have one in your bathroom, it’s time you changed that. You can find some beautiful second-hand mirrors that can be restored to create something unique.

Get New Towels and Robes

Are your towels, robes and mats looking old and tatty these days? It’s really worth investing in some new ones if this is the case. Not only will they look better but they’ll also feel a lot better when you use them! Luxury doesn’t just have to be about appearances.

Make sure they are in keeping with the design of the rest of the room. You get lots of differently designed towels and contemporary bath mats online. And you could even get your robes personalised if you wanted.

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Mix and Match Fixtures

A great way to update your bathroom and be creative at the same time is to use unusual and unexpected fixtures in the room. Why not use kitchen storage units and turn them into a great vanity cabinet?

Or get an old chandelier and use it in your bathroom. These touches often look great and give a sense of real luxury that shop bought bathroom fixture can’t compete with.

New Accessories

A bathroom can be made to feel more luxurious by simply adding small accessories. Try adding scents and candles around the room. It’s cheap and simple, yet gives the feeling of real luxury and relaxation. Light them when you get home from work, and you’re having a long soak, you won’t regret it.

Other accessories you could add include plants for the windowsill, picture for the walls or luxury soaps for the bath. Do whatever puts you most at ease.

Clean it Thoroughly

A deep clean can be as good as a redecoration job sometimes. Bathrooms get very dirty, very quickly. Get right into the corners and clean the taps! It’ll feel like an entirely new room by the end of it. And it won’t cost much money either.

You could even get a professional cleaner to do the job for you if you want the room to be cleaned comprehensively. And then, once it’s clean, try to keep it clean!


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