Bringing Victorian charm into the 21st Century


For many people Victorian homes hold a distinct charm that new builds simply can’t match. However, the problems may arise when you discover you still have the original plumbing, the plaster is crumbling and you can’t remodel without jumping through the hoops of your local historical and preservation societies.

However, there are some truly amazing buildings available and the character, charm and sense of history afforded by a Victorian space can be worth any amount of hassle you might have to go through in getting it the way you want.

Victorian statements travel into 2015

For inspiration, take a look at these stunning character homes for sale. Stanmore is home to Bentley Priory, a stately home that has medieval roots but which really came into its own in the 18th and 19th Centuries. In 1848, in fact, the Dowager Queen Adelaide, widow of William IV, leased the Priory and regularly received Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

You really don’t get more Victorian than that – but the luxury apartments, duplexes and villas that have been created within the Priory stand as living proof that period buildings can be brought into the 21st Century. The elegant contemporary interiors co-exist with the character of the building’s original features which, considering the Priory is a Grade II listed building, was an absolute design prerequisite.

Try something different

Even if you’re fitting out your period home on a budget, you can create your own blend of classic and contemporary. You don’t want your home to look like somebody threw their grandparents’ old furniture together along with a trolley dash through your local gadget store but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring in some modern elements.

For an eclectic look, try reupholstering a Victorian-style sofa or dining chairs with modern fabrics and bold graphic prints. This diverse mix isn’t for everyone but it can work to stunning effect.

It’s also worth noting that the Victorians themselves were not afraid of colour and bold design statements. The period might be associated with somewhat repressed emotions but in design terms it was opulent, with lots of rich greens, gold-browns, reds and blues. Toning the heavier colours with cool whites can add a modern touch and make the place feel lighter and airier.

So, there really are plenty of options and many ways to bring classic Victoriana into the modern day so, go for it!


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