DIY Tips to Create More Space in Your Small Home

Having a small home can be lovely and cosy, but sometimes you probably wish you had more space. If you ever feel cramped and claustrophobic in your house, these DIY tips are just perfect for you!


Paint Everything Light and Bright

Dark colours help to make a room appear more cosy, but they absorb light, making a room feel much smaller. If you paint everything light and bright, the room will reflect light and look larger. Your accessories don’t all have to be light though, so feel free to accessorise with those. Double check with the landlord if it’s ok to do this if you’re renting though. You don’t want to find the perfect 2 bedroom flat to rent in Sevenoaks only to realise the decor must stay the same!

 Add Lots of Mirrors

Mirrors are great reflectors and help to add the appearance of more space. Adding lots of mirrors to a space will instantly brighten it up. You can also add mirrored furniture, as well as clear furniture to add to this effect. Why not create a feature wall full of mirrors? This is my favourite part of home improvement; getting creative!

 Keep Things Minimal

Keep things as minimal as you can when decorating. Try not to pick too many items of furniture, as your space could appear too cluttered. Try to go for clean, crisp lines.

 Paint the Ceiling the Same Colour as The Walls

Painting the ceiling the same colour as the walls will elongate a room. You could also use a patterned wallpaper on the ceiling to draw the eye upwards.

 Pull Furniture Away from the Wall

Pulling the furniture away from the wall stops the place from feeling cramped. Those few extra inches behind your sofa can really make all the difference to the look of your home.

 Make Use of Hidden Storage

Hidden storage is a godsend, so use it in any way you can. If you can find sofas with storage, coffee tables with storage, and beds with storage, use them!

 Hang Shelves Closer to the Ceiling

Hanging shelves closer to the ceiling will not only give you a place to put certain ornaments, it’ll draw the eye upwards. This is an optical illusion creating the impression of a larger room.

 Use Statement Furniture

You might think that large pieces of statement furniture would have the opposite effect of what you want. However, choosing one large statement settee for a room rather than a few different pieces helps the minimalistic approach we should be taking. It doesn’t feel as cluttered either, which makes the room look bigger. Sofas with their legs showing instantly make a room look bigger too, rather than sofas that reach all the way to the floor.

 Paint a Work of Art

You can paint a work of art, commission a work of art, or buy a work of art from your local home improvement store. Whatever you do, add a large piece of art to the wall to make it look larger.

Your home will look bigger in a flash with these tips!

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