Essential Guide To Party Purses

Tis the season for lots of parties! With so many invites in our calendars, it is hard to fit them all in. Let’s be honest, we’re not going to turn any of them down! It could be time to think about packing a bag just for these occasions. Packing light is never easy, and keeping our purses from bursting open is a life-long challenge.

First things first, keep your cash light and your cards out of sight. It’s unusual for us to have to use a credit card for a party, but you might need cash to hand for a cab at the end of the night. Can you pack your party purse without a wallet? Absolutely, but having no ID on you is not advised. Minimise the contents in your wallet and you’ve probably saved a few ounces straight away!

Next, think about essential makeup. Can you buy a small makeup wallet that contains a couple of brushes and applicators with your eye shadow, blush and foundation? Having everything loose in the purse helps it fit in better, but it doesn’t help you find it all in a hurry when you need a touch-up. A travel brush or comb may not be enough if your hair is prone to frizz so you should pack a small flat iron. Have a look at paul mitchell flat iron reviews to see if you can find a spare one to suit.

If you have to use regular medication, keep a small amount in your party purse in case you end up staying somewhere overnight. Also keep a small bottle of water in there in case you are ill and need to rinse your mouth. There are chewing gums that act like toothbrushes you could pack if you don’t want to include a toothbrush and paste. Also pack a couple of headache tablets for that inevitable hangover!

Fresh pants are a good idea, if you can find somewhere in that purse to hide them discreetly. One of those tiny travel deodorants to hide the exertion of dancing the night away is also handy. Spare pantyhose are essential too. We always get a run when we’re having fun, right? Grab one of those small packs of foot blister relief too. The shoes have to look good, no matter what the pain!

Now you have everything for a party, save one compartment of your party purse for things that need to be in every purse you use. These include your cell phone, house keys, wallet with ID, and cab fare home.

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When you accept an invite to a party, be sure to let someone close to you know where you are going. If you plan on drinking alcohol, be sure you attend a party with someone you know well so they can let you know if you ought to go home. Most importantly lookout for each other, so nobody has an opportunity to take advantage of you while you are at your most vulnerable. Party safe for a happy night out.


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