Home Style Trends Of 2014


Like any fashion, interior design trends come and go. When it comes to decorating what are the home style trends of 2014? Read on to find out!

Industrial Beauty

Recent years have been all about the industrial look. It can be found everywhere at the moment. The hallmark of this style is oversized wooden furniture with heavy duty, engineered, metal finishes. It also includes polished concrete flooring and factory-influenced light fittings. The style is easy to emulate. Furniture stores such as Super A-Mart Australia have entire ranges of furniture reflecting the industrial look trend.

Black is Back

Black is all the rage at the moment when it comes to interior design. From black feature walls to black patterned furniture, using black is all about boldly embracing contrast. In its current resurgence, black is typically used against a stark white or pale grey. It can be used on walls, curtains or even flooring. Add a little interest with black and white patterns or team it up with single blocks of colour in vases, cushions or ornaments to provide a little bright relief.

Bold and Brassy

Bold patterns are also making a comeback with reference to the styling of the late 1960s. Think Aztec influenced prints in bold colours against light coloured, Danish-influenced furniture. The trick to this style is allowing the complex patterns to contrast against the simplicity of the furniture. A great way of embracing it is through pillows, throw rugs and floor cushions.

Wide Open Spaces

Flow-through, open plan living continues to be on trend. Kitchens overflow into dining rooms and living areas. This is all about easy entertaining and allowing interaction in the home. When it comes to styling , an open plan means that the old days of one theme for the kitchen and another for the lounge are long gone. The trick is to pick a style and stick to it by reflecting your colour palette and furniture styles throughout these common areas.

Natural and Neutral

Was there ever a time when neutral was out? This year it continues to provide the backbone of interior design. There’s a couple of truly effective ways to give neutrals a styling shebang. You can use them as your base and then contrast them with coloured highlights in cushions, ornaments or artworks. Alternatively, layer your shades of neutral to create a plush and sumptuous look. Add extra interest through wooden or steel lamp tables, dining tables and ornaments. The wood or steel adds texture against the neutral tones.

Whatever style you choose to embrace, it’s worth bearing in mind that styles come and go and you may still be living in this house in five years’ time. If you’re not inclined to totally redecorate every few years, then pick the easy to alter items such as cushions, rugs and lampshades when it comes to reflecting current trends. You can still have just as much fun, but it comes with a little less hard work.


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