Five DIY Mistakes All First-Time Homeowners Make

by Russ

First-time homeowners will know that after the stress of scraping together a deposit and securing a mortgage, finding the perfect home and moving all of your belongings in, it’s very easy to overlook the home improvements which invariably crop up.

Unless you’re very lucky, something is likely to go wrong within the first few months. But never fear – we’ve put together these five common mistakes first-time homeowners make and how to avoid them:

by  Julie Jordan Scott

  1. Incorrect Door Installation/Reinstallation

When you move into a new home, there is a good chance you will have to remove some doors to move large pieces of furniture, or lay new carpet. You may even need to install new doors full stop! While the actual task of replacing a door is pretty simple, there are a few potential pitfalls.

When installing a door, make sure there are no obstacles which will interfere with its opening and closing (see picture) and ensure the door opens the correct way. Doors should always open into the room which will have the least footfall, to reduce the chance of accidental collisions.

by   Alan Cleaver

  1. Ill-Prepared Surfaces

Tasks like painting skirting boards can seem minor, but you should still prepare properly for them. This multi-surface masking tape can be attached to carpets and walls to protect them from dripping paint and accidental smudges.

  1. Insufficient Safety Procedures

Even small scale jobs can bring with them risk of injury. Always make sure you and your family are protected from potential hazards with the help of safety equipment and a healthy respect for safety. Manchester Safety Services stock professional-standard pieces of safety equipment – everything from googles to protective gloves.

  1. Inaccurate Measurements

When measuring something for a DIY job, make sure you check, double-check and triple check before starting work or buying a replacement. Inaccuracy of just a few millimetres can lead to disastrous results. You may be left with a patch of wall uncovered by wallpaper or a door which sticks when opening.

Precise measurements can help ensure accurate and effective DIY tasks. Don’t use the plastic tape measure you got in a Christmas cracker, invest in an accurate unit from a trusted, specialist store such as Measuring Lines.

  1. Poor Storage

After a long day of grafting in your new home, it can be tempting to put your feet up, crack open a beer and order a takeaway. However, it is important to thoroughly clean and properly store all of the materials and tools you have used whilst decorating.

Poorly stored materials and tools may not be usable next time you need them, and nobody wants to do a mad dash to the local DIY store on a Friday evening. Clean and dry all of the tools and materials thoroughly before storing in a dry place.


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