The best shopping spots in Berlin

Berlin_KaDeWe_flickr (1)
KaDeWe by Roman Lashkin (CC BY 2.0).

Berlin is not just one of Europe’s best cultural hubs, but also one of the prime shopping cities. At first glance you wouldn’t think of the city as a place to find great fashion and trends. However, the capital of Germany boasts some of the best up and coming boutiques, designers and incomparable used clothing stores.
Berlin also has some wonderful areas and streets to shop in, making it a great destination for any avid shopper or fashion lover. Should you get inspired by reading this post and come to make some shopping in Berlin, you can check this website and find a nice place to stay even in the town center and keep close to the shopping areas. You can even base your search on city areas and be sure, you will stay near to the best shopping spots described in this little guide. You will see, Berlin has everything from elegant boutiques to awesome avant garde menswear. On top of the many exciting things to do in Berlin, shopping is surely one of the best.

Berlin has some great pedestrian areas with endless selections of great shops. First off Potsdamer Platz, built on the site of the old wall, has some quality chain stores and outlets in the Arkaden. The more chic area to go shopping is definitely Friedrichstrasse. This street is the main shopping area and includes sleek modern stores such as Galeries Lafayette, Donna Karan and Saint Laurent.
It is the high end shopping quarter and also has some fine dining around the area to top it off. The area of Kurfürstendamm boasts flagship stores of Chanel, Prada, Burberry and Louis Vuitton also making it one of the best places to find couture items. For amazing small boutiques and independent designers go to Neue Schönhauser Strasse where you will find modern Scandinavian styles among the numerous cafés.

Some of the finest boutiques and stores can be found in Berlin. Happy Shop, designed like a jewelry box, has styles that are very colorful and fun much like the name of the store. Any piece of clothing from here will surely brighten your day as well as your wardrobe. Chelsea Farmer’s Club offers custom designed retro English countryside wear. From incredible jackets for cocktail parties to 60’s hunting outfits, the store has everything for this type of style. Next is Darklands which has unbelievable avant garde styles for men. It has great clothes from designers such as Damir Doma and Carol Christian Poell, making it a truly unique shop. And then there are also some specialty department stores in Berlin.
KaDeWe is great for clothes and Harry Lehmann is the best place for cosmetics and health products. For sunglasses the place to go in Berlin is Lunettes. This boutique has an amazing collection of used and new sunglasses to go through making it a perfect place to find vintage sunglasses or new styles. For elegant and chic clothing a must see is Departmentstore Quartier 206. This place is where you have to go for high-end brands and styles. Second hand shopping is a big deal in Berlin and Colours is the perfect place to find a bargain. With clothes ranging from retro 60’s wear to modern clubbing styles, this store has anything you need.

Ready for your shopping trip to Berlin? What are you waiting for?




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