The best summer styles that’ll change your frowns to smiles


 Whether you’re run off of your feet at work, under pressure at home or just generally feeling in need of a little TLC, nothing can turn a frown into a smile quicker than when the sun comes out and you can dip into your summer wardrobe once more.

Like all seasons, this summer has seen a huge variety of trends and styles hit the catwalks, inspiring fashionistas across the country and getting everyone in the summer spirit.

Here we look at the best summer styles and trends that are catching eyes and turning frowns upside down!


You may have already noticed more orange hues appearing in clothes and accessories on the high street than in previous seasons and with orange apparently the new black, this is a trend that’s set to continue.

If you want to make a real impact with your outfit, choose a dress or skirt in a bold block orange. Alternatively, pick out some accessories that that have orange tones running through them for a subtler look.

Loose shapes

Forget tight dresses and skinny jeans, this summer is all about loose shapes and comfortable fabrics. Perfect for wearing out in town or for visiting your loved ones in a McCarthy and Stone retirement home, this floaty summer look makes a welcome change from the tighter, less comfortable looks of previous years. It’s also a great option for older stylists to try.

White blouses

This smart summer look is great for both the office and the high street and can either be dressed up with dark trousers and heels or dressed down with jeans and sandals. Look for white blouses with a necktie detail or other embellishment to add an extra touch to your summer look.


Pastel colours have always been a popular choice for summer and 2014 is no different with a range of pastel coloured outfits appearing on the catwalk. Easy to match with your existing clothes, pastels are the perfect choice for warm summer evenings, beach holidays and hot days in the office.

Long skirts 

Another style hitting towns and cities across the country this summer is the long, full-bodied skirt. Giving the wearer a voluptuous silhouette, these 50s inspired skirts are great for all occasions.


If this has got you in the mood for summer, now’s the perfect time to hit the shops, restock your wardrobe and make sure that all your outfits are right on trend for the summer season. After all, we all deserve to have something to smile about!


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