A garden full of flowers


Everyone loves a flower, no more so than actress Goldie Hawn who points to the Lotus Flower as her favourite. Whether you live in the town or city, our lives feel better with foliage in it.  No matter where your garden is there is something to suit.

 Here are some tips on creating a garden full of flowers and plants to inspire and add interest. Once you get started it’s alot simpler than you may think.

Creating colour

 Of all the senses, colour can play a big part  in our outdoor spaces. At this time of year, dahlias come into their own as well as the Michaelmas Daisies in white and purple. The larger daisies add a splash of colour as the other flowers fall away.

Leaves start to change colour and bear fruit. The rowan tree is renowned for its lovely bright orange berries. Pop a note in the diary to take care of your trees  during this time as a specialist arborist can help keep your trees looking good.

Creating interest

Group plants together and stagger their spacing as this is better than in rows which can look a little forced!  If you’re stuck for space plant mass plant bedding to create interest quickly. Good plants for this are lavenders mixed in with roses. A section of wild garden with grasses and meadow flowers can work well too, it attracts the bees and insects too.

Creating all year interest

Evergreen shrubs can form the structure of a garden, depending on garden size. Numerous choices of silver and variegated shrubs offer all round interest. If you’re starting out, try mixing up bulbs and bedding plants with a couple of evergreen shrubs such as “red robin”, privet or a holly bush. Another evergreen is the japonica with its white flowers and large leathery green leaves.

 Create a haven for your senses

 Colour, texture and sound all play their part in making for a great garden and perhaps the most important of all is the smell or perfume of a plant.

Jasmine – with its small white flowers, the perfume from this wondrous plant is beautiful, perfect for around a door frame. The vining varieties require a support structure as some can get 15 feet tall. All jasmine plants prefer sunny sites and a well drained soil.

Lilac, evocative and romantic, it’s a certain winner. Honeysuckle is another which is easy to grow, giving great value to any garden.



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