3 Markets that You Have to Visit during Weekends

Despite living in bustling capitals from around the UK, we sometimes need that downtime away from traffic and noise; to become a tourist for a day! Living in the same city for so long may have diminish the charms of London, and any other major city you reside in, but there are easy ways  to forget your responsibilities and burdens for a day and pretend that you are on holiday. A Staycation if you like! Re-explore areas you had forgotten and fall in love fall with the city again; it is bound to be an eye-opening experience!

One way we’re deciding to escape it all in our free time is heading to the many markets places dotted about. What could be better than a market with cheap and tasty street food, interesting items and vintage fashion? Depending on the category that most appeals, you’ll find a market perfectly catered for you. In this guide we will introduce some of the most fascinating markets specifically based in London; they are ideal if you want to spend a day wandering about, and hopefully to pick up a few bargains along the way too.


Sunbury Antiques Market

Sunbury Antiques Market is the largest and longest running bi-monthly antiques market in the whole of UK. Held in Kempton Park near Twickenham,  I have always liked unique bits and pieces for my home and this is just the perfect place to pick find them – vases, furniture, accessories… anything! Being the biggest antique market in UK, it will never disappoint. As long as you are patient enough to search through the items you are guaranteed to dig out some hidden gems!

Camden Market

The Camden Market is actually consisted of a few different markets, each with a character of its’ own – namely Camden Lock, Buck Street Market, Camden Lock Village, Inverness Street Market as well as Stables Market. Just to name five! They can be easily accessed from anywhere (close to Camden Town or Chalk Farm Tube station) and very close to each other so don’t worry about getting lost! One of my personal favourites is Camden Lock which is home to more than 100 shops and stalls. Here you will find an extensive range of goodies from accessories to Gramophones and vinyl records, there are also designers’ workshops and magic store that performs amazing magic tricks.


Borough Market

Borough Market is famed for its food. As you can imagine, the smells are to die for.  It’s always worth treating ourselves now and then. As well as well-known gourmet food names, there are local pop up style stalls, all and all consisting of up to 70 stalls and stands as well as other stores that specialise in producing imported food. Located in the Southwark area of London, the market itself claims to have existed since 1014, and surely has some traditional European taste to offer! Come and discover this gourmet’s paradise with a range of fresh produces and condiments, bakery treats and delicious street food which is great for lunch as well as grocery shopping. There is also a wide selection of specialist ingredients and indulgent treats – a mouth-watering experience indeed!



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