5 Summer Style Ideas for your Bathroom


Freshening up your bathroom doesn’t need to take up loads of your time. These five simple fixes will help transform your bathroom, and more importantly, they can all be done with minimal effort, letting you make the most of the hot weather.


Is your bathroom clogged up with beauty products? Does it feel overcrowded and just a bit drab? Take some time to declutter and open up that space; you’ll feel amazed at how different it feels.

Start by sorting through all the shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, body washes (and the rest). Get rid of any surplus products and invest in some crisp storage boxes.

Also take a look at your bathroom fittings. Replacing your cumbersome towel rack with a minimalistic design can make a big difference.

Install a Summery Shower Curtain

A seasonal shower curtain can keep a bathroom looking fresh the whole year round. Stick to simple designs in summery colours to create a bright and breezy statement.

With more than 3,500 shower curtains for sale Amazon is a great resource to get a good-value shower curtain for your bathroom.

Increase Mirror Space

Make the most of summer by trapping the sun in the bathroom and the rest of your home using mirrors. Mixing and matching mirrors helps to create a slightly ad-hoc, relaxed style.

John Louis Bathrooms stock a selection of free-standing and mounted mirrors that can be paired up to create a summery bathroom look.

Go Back to Nature

Find flowers and plants in colours that will complement your existing bathroom. Be careful to choose plants that like higher levels of humidity and steam. The last thing that says ‘summer style’ is browning and dying plant life.

Gardening Know How has a comprehensive list of plants that are well-equipped to life in the bathroom.

Invigorate the Senses

Harness the smells of summer throughout your bathroom. Even if you’re not planning on adding any plant life to your bathroom, intoxicating summer smells can be added to complete the seasonal feel.

Consider what smells remind you most of the idyllic summer afternoons of your childhood and source their root.

Nature’s Garden stocks a great selection of bathroom smellies, candles and fragrant oils.



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