The MUSTS of planning your honeymoon


After the turbulent ride of planning your wedding comes the calm; your honeymoon. Often the trip of your lives, it embodies you as a couple and is the beginning of a whole new life together. But where are the key places to visit at the moment? And what are the musts of organising such an amazing holiday?

For your wedding, there’s no doubt that you’ve made a To-Do List and it happens to be as long as your arm. With the worldwide web converting all our paper lists into electronic ones, have you got yourself a free wedding tool to do all the hard work for you? Often complete with wedding site directories, these include suppliers, seating plans and budget tracker so you can really keep a firm grip on your wedding but they can also really help your honeymoon too. The to-do list in particular can list everything you need to take. You can keep notes and head back to elaborate more when you have the time, and it’s all there – no-one is going to be throwing it away, that’s for sure! Especially with the hectic wedding schedule, when you have that odd moment to think about life after the big day, this To-Do list certainly is a nifty gadget…


Here are a few things to start you off:

Passport – start off with the obvious.

Money – don’t forget to convert!

A good book – even if you’re planning an adventurous honeymoon, you’re going to need some time to relax.

Weather appropriate clothing – not everyone dreams of a hot honeymoon sunning in the Maldives. Considering a skiing trip? Do you have all the right gear?

And how about location? Here are the top holiday destinations around the world at the minute:

New Zealand – those of you that love the Lord of the Rings Trilogy will be familiar with New Zealand’s stunning countryside, and it happens to be an up-and-coming honeymoon destination too. Nature is definitely one of New Zealand’s main pulls, perfect for the active couple, but there are so many other adventures you can embark on. Whilst a day or two of hiking or climbing should be high on your list (those views will have you breathless), New Zealand is surrounded by glorious beaches and freshwater lakes teaming with life. Whether you want the adrenaline rush of the white water rapids or a calming afternoon catching your supper down by the river, this place is unspoilt paradise.


Bali – if you’re after an interesting blend of spirituality and traditional life, Bali is the place to go. Whilst the majority of the country is Muslim, the freeness of the Hindu religion comes through. This is one relaxing environment indeed! Whilst it is close to all those selection of islands (Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia for example) that have become staple backpacking/travelling places for many Brits, Bali is somewhat untouched by the masses. Keeping its authenticity is so important to the country and its people, and you can embrace it on your honeymoon! It’s important to consider exactly when you wish to visit as you don’t want to hit monsoon season. May to September is considered their dry season and the perfect time to exploring the watery world too.

Croatia – An unlikely choice for the third and final honeymooning idea. Often overlooked in terms of Mediterranean locations for the typical Greece and Spain resorts, Croatia is really coming into its own. Whilst the beach towns can be difficult to decipher from one to the next, Croatia has that unusual mix of old vs new. The architecture is beautiful, giving that traditional old European vibe whilst the weather isn’t stifling meaning you can explore with ease. This is perfect for couples who still want the option of a delicious beach for a couple of days, but mainly want the adventure too.



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