Electronic cigarettes – Can they really help you quit smoking?


So you’ve probably noticed the huge increase of e-cig users around or otherwise commonly known as vapers – if you haven’t you must have been living under a rock for the past year! With many people claiming that they‘re significantly more effective in helping conventional tobacco smokers quit as opposed to alternative methods that have been around for many years and marketed by the NHS such as nicotine patches and nicotine inhalers.

With celebrity endorsements and massive exponential growth over the last few years, electronic cigarettes look like they’re here to stay – that’s only if the EU doesn’t slap a bunch of regulations and restrictions on their use, essentially limiting the number of products on the market today including when and where they can be used. You can read more about regulations and the fight to save vaping at EFVI.eu (The European Free Vaping Initiative)

After speaking with a number of ex smokers – who’ve now taken up vaping it’s clear that they do have some obvious health benefits over smoking, where 99% of the harmful chemicals associated with tar are no longer an issue. Of course nicotine is still addictive and anyone who realistically wants to quit needs to consider that vaping is still another mechanism to get a nicotine hit albeit much safer.

With some heavy adverting, a number of big players in the industry are emerging and seems as though the big tobacco firms are jumping on the ecig industry with full force. Personally I’m not a huge fan of the cigalike versions of ecigs as they seem to be promoting the use of smoking and to me the imitation of smoking seems a bit contradictory if we’re to look at electronic cigarettes as a solution which aids in giving up.

There are a number of rechargeable electronic cigarettes which are reusable with all parts being rebuildable and therefore much easier to maintain and more cost effective than regular disposables, which you can get from most convenience stores and supermarkets, primarily consisting of your blu cigs, e-lites, vapourlites etc.

For anyone who’s really looking to give up smoking – the first step is the most important and often going with quality retailers means that you’re most likely enjoy the experience and be much more likely to follow through and stick with it. We’ve partnered up with an online retailer of electronic cigarettes http://www.e-cigstore.co.uk who have a wide range of great quality electronic cigarette starter kits along with a wide range of e-liquid flavours to choose from. After speaking with them it’s evident that they’re extremely passionate about this industry and have a wealth of knowledge to help beginner users get started who often feel bewildered by the amount of choice on the market. They’ve even given our readers a unique 15% discount off any item in store with no minimum order! Just use MEGANSEMMELMAN15 at checkout.




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