Choosing the perfect dance class

Beginning a routine workout regime can be extremely difficult. People are often unmotivated by the thought of running or using complicated workout machines. These forms of exercise can be slow and boring, a bad combination for motivating the unmotivated.

Luckily there are other forms of exercise that can be fun and exciting! One routine that I have picked up on is participating in dance classes. Dance is a great way to get your body up and moving! Attending a class as little as two times a week can help you burn fat, speed up metabolism, and perhaps most importantly, teach you some killer dance moves.

So you want to begin taking a dance class, great! Now what? There is a long list of different styles of dances to choose from. Classes vary depending on skill and fitness level. Here are a few examples of some popular dance classes you might fancy…



Ballet dancers are acknowledged for having an awesome physique, mainly due to the strenuous movements and flexibility it takes to complete certain routines. But don’t let this intimidate you! Many gyms and studios offer beginner classes that can teach you the basics, while still helping you achieve those exercise goals. These classes are done either barefoot or with ballet shoes. A great selection of styles can be found at

80’s Aerobics

This class is a little less popular than most and may be hard to find at your local gymor studio; however, it is a favourite of mine! Aerobics is less about having perfect technique and more about having as much fun as possible. For some this may offer a flashback to the younger days, grooving to the sounds of Madonna and Michael Jackson! This is a perfect class to attend with a group of friends! Dust off the leotards and leg warmers and give it a shot!



Hip-hop is a modern form of dance involving the rhythm of a hip-hop music beat. This is a very popular form of dance for the younger generations but it could be perfect for any age group. The moves in hip-hop can be challenging and in some cases frustrating but when you get them, the most rewarding too. The constant movement gives a great full body workout and is sure to give you the exercise you are looking for. Hip-hop dance is fast-paced, fun, and never dull!


Zumba classes have become extremely popular with dance and exercise enthusiasts all over! It comes from a Latin style of dance and is an excellent cardiovascular workout. Zumba has become widely known for being the best dance exercise for weight loss. This is due to the non-stop, energetic theme of the class.

After considering the choices you have for dance classes, the next step is to try them out! Most gyms and studios will offer free trial classes so you can see if it is right for you. Remember to have fun with your dance class regardless of your skill level. Dance like no one is watching!



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