What Style Dress?


When it comes to shopping for dresses, many women are not aware of the fact that selecting the right dress goes a lot further than simply picking one out in their favourite colour. These days, there are numerous different types and styles of dresses available, which can make the selection process even more overwhelming. This includes the options of limited edition dresses and couture dresses.

Comparing Limited Edition Dresses to High Street Dresses

In many cases, women who wish to shop for dresses will head off to a local high street shop and select a few pieces off the rail, fit them and see which colour looks best. Unfortunately, regular high street dresses have usually been manufactured from a basic design or pattern, meaning that their cut and shape may not be suitable for everyone. However, when shopping for couture dresses, most women will notice that the cut, style and shape of them vary dramatically. This enables these dresses to look absolutely stunning when worn by someone with the right figure. Limited edition or couture dresses are also made in quite limited quantities, whereas high street dresses are not.

Which Dress Styles Suit which Shape Bodies?

Women who have busty or fuller figures usually look great when opting for dresses which have a v-neckline and slightly wider shoulder straps, as this will not only help flatter their figures; it will help conceal annoying bra straps as well. If you have a boyish figure, where your shoulders, hips and waist all seem to be in a straight line, you will normally do best when selecting longer, flowing and slightly looser dresses with somewhat higher necklines. Women who find that they have more of an apple shape will be able to draw attention away from a wider midsection area by choosing a shift dress design that has a little tailoring or a few separate panels incorporated into its shape.

Many Body Shapes to Consider

If you find that you are more pear-shaped, you may find that your figure can be flattered by wearing off-the-shoulder dress styles, as they enhance the upper half of your body instead of the waist. However, if you are fortunate enough to have been blessed with an hourglass figure, you will be able to wear more simply styled dresses, as your body’s natural curves will do the work of making it look stunning on you. Women who have longer legs and a shorter torso will benefit most when wearing dresses that have detailed areas towards the top of them, along with slightly higher hemlines to draw attention to the legs.

The abovementioned recommendations are intended as basic guidelines, because in some cases, you may find that you are fortunate enough to be able to wear almost any style dress you like. However, if you are unsure whether a particular dress shape is right for you, you may need to speak with a fashion consultant. He or she will normally be able to point you in the right direction in this regard.


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