The New Kitchen Must Have


There are a ton of appliances that can be considered vital to the functionality and practicality of a kitchen. A hob, oven, fridge, microwave, toaster, kettle and similar tools are often the first to come to mind. A water boiler, however, is another excellent purchase to add to any kitchen, bringing with it the capacity to instantly dispense boiling water. Given the myriad of uses for boiling water in a kitchen environment, it is little wonder that an instant boiler is a must have.

Types of Water Boiler

Instant water boilers are designed in two primary ways. The first is as an individual tank that can be filled with water which is boiled and dispensed on command. The second is as a tap that boils water as it is turned on and works like any other tap. Both boiler types feature fast and easy boiled water from appliances that are designed for the kitchen environment. They are light, and have water capacities of several (often between 2.5 and 5) litres. They are also designed for both countertop use as well as wall mounting. Whatever the delivery, however, instant boiling water is a convenient addition to the home or office.

Why Water Boiling is a Must Have

The simple reason that instant boiling water is a must have for the kitchen is that it provides unparalleled convenience. Water boilers save money and energy by eliminating the need to use a kettle or other appliance for water heating, and are always instantaneous in delivery. They promote safety, because they are easy to use and difficult to misuse; burns from instant water boilers are rare. Tap designs are also often built in with filters that reduce the chemical content of the water (such as chlorine) as it’s boiled. One of the most compelling reasons to own a water boiler, however, is the cost efficiency; by saving energy and time, water boilers also save money, and eventually end up paying for themselves.

Cost Diversity

 There is enormous diversity in water boiler models that enables almost anyone to own one that will serve their needs. While the most expensive boilers can cost a few thousand pounds, a £200 water boiler is still capable of bringing instantly boiled water to a home without much hassle. More expensive options can include installation into main water supplies, easier installation, extra safety features, stainless steel surfacing, easy cleaning, water filters, and other useful bonuses. The primary function of having instant boiling water on hand is a key factor in each system, and they make for a handy appliance which serves a useful function in any kitchen.

Although it certainly isn’t the first “must have” that comes to mind for the average kitchen, appliances that boil water without any unnecessary waiting time are among the most useful appliances to have around. Uses range from instant hot chocolate to faster cooking of pasta and a speedier delivery of any food or beverage that requires hot or boiling water.


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