4 Watches for 4 Kinds of Men

Whether you’re seeking a watch that’s built to last, or searching for a more refined timepiece, there’s bound to be a watch for you. Looking for a durable watch that can keep up with your pursuits – on and off the trail?


The Combat SUB automatic by Glycine is designed for divers and sports enthusiasts alike, boasting a water resistance of up to 200m. Rugged, sporty and built to last, this watch is versatile choice for an outdoorsy sportsman. The exterior shell is crafted with stainless steel and has a comfortable 42mm diameter. Adventurers of all kinds will be thrilled to note that this watch is driven by a fully automatic movement and a power reserve of up to 38 hours. The Combat SUB by Glycine is game for the next diving excursion or any type of outdoor adventure.

The special Marinus Edition Fulda Challenge from Muhle Glashutte paves its way as one of the most cutting edge sports watches on the market. Aptly named after the renowned Fulda Challenge, the Marinus Edition watch has been tested for withstanding temperatures as low as -40° Celsius in the Arctic of northern Canada.

The Marinus has a clean, stainless steel case with 2.5mm thick anti-glare resistant sapphire crystal. The bold red and black colour scheme creates a real heavy-duty look, and this watch can definitely roll with the punches. The chronograph is fuelled by an automatic movement with an enormous 48 hour power reserve and water resistance of up to 300m. Practically indestructible, the Marinus ensures top notch quality and efficiency through the most extreme conditions.


Patek Philippe never fails to deliver, focusing on both tradition and innovation, fine craftsmanship and high quality watches from Geneva. The Nautilus from Patek Philippe offers a clear, easy to read face with elegant hardware for a look that is equally stylish as it is tough. The sturdy frame with a 43mm diameter and 21-carat gold rotor reassures the wearer of its efficient timekeeping and long-lasting durability.
The larger size allows for free internal movement, and allows for a fast read at a short glance. The boxy geometric frame gives the watch a subtle industrial feel, without being too overbearing. Ideal for a business setting or a weekend getaway, the Nautilus is guaranteed to endure the test of time.

Always a step ahead of the most fashion forward street style gurus? Check out the city 99, forecasted to be an instant blogger classic. The city 99 from Muhle Glashutte offers a perfect blend of sportiness and an overall refined aesthetic. Chic and ready to hit the streets, this watch has a 40mm case dimension with black leather strap detailing. The wide bezel and reinforced case protect the internal movement and ensures readability.

The scratch resistant sapphire crystal allows for a clear view of the fine guilloche finished face and luminous hands. Powered by fully automatic movement, this watch also offers a power reserve of up to 38 hours. Sleek, stylish and versatile, the city 99 is a perfect piece for numerous occasions. The perfect watch for sports enthusiasts and fashion forward innovators alike are bound to find their match this season.



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