A retrospective glance at jeans’ fashion (pre 2000’s)

From the 1960sm jeans took on a whole new meaning: it was embroiled in the sexual revolution and make no mistake, stars could not wear them enough and found every occasion an excuse to parade themselves. The hippie counter-revolution in combination with the psychedelic musical vibs, provoked the draw towards the hip huggers. Take a look at the top stars who understood the magnetic draw and see how the styles boomerang to today.

The classic stars of the 60s in hip huggers

The icons of the day from Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison and Robert Plant instigated the paisley-printed tops that were banded together. Another great style was the Nehru-collared jackets that the Beatles were inclined towards. Together these brazen fashion manifestos are the food for future generations of fashionistas who are today offering advice within their unflinching interactive sites like Motilo.


Into the 1980s with high waistline

Somehow once the revolt had subsided, the waistline began to be reinvented which affected the width of the trouser leg becoming flared known as the bell-bottoms. It was clear that as women continued to move into the professional world, that the waistline look was a factor including the padded shoulders. The corporate effect had influence on the well-known designers of the day such as Calvin Klein and Gloria Vanderbilt.

Alexander McQueen to the rescue in the 1990s

Our very own Alexander McQueen brought jeans right down to ‘bumster’ level in his infamous ‘Taxi Driver’ collection in 1993. Rest assured that very few positions allowed for discretion in the posterior region which caused tremendous controversy simultaneously putting McQueen on the map as the enfant terrible of his generation. The look took off in the industry like a slow moving fire gradually gaining momentum. Once Britney Spear burst forth in them back in 2000 did it seriously attract the young, making some headway within other jeans companies such as Guess, Abercrombie & Fitch that now only carry this style of jean.

No turning back

There are countless variations of the low-rise jeans but they must be tight otherwise there was a period when particularly young men would wear them baggy and loose with a belt well below the buttocks displaying typically Calvin Klein pants: the low slung jeans are probably the most popular.

Showing off a great torso

Admittedly if you are in great shape, these styles reveal your waist, torso, hips and displaying intricate tattoos. Usually the look is accompanied by cropped tops so that cleavage and tummy region are on display that also included showing the thong or g-string that was trendy during the late 1990s. Both sexes would be choosing their undergarments according to the low-rise jeans. This style of dress so upset the Americans that in the state of Louisiana they tried to ban exhibiting pants under jeans by appealing to legislate a law with a fine of $500. It was rejected.

Jeans are eternal and as versatile as you are.


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