Unique Ideas for an Adult Fancy Dress Night


The high summer season is just around the corner, giving us the perfect excuse for barbecues and parties across the board.  In between the family gatherings and obligatory picnics, however, it’s always good to shake things up a bit with a fancy dress night.

Ace Fancy Dress and similar costume retailers have you covered when it comes to making an impressive party entrance, but how will you decide upon an overall theme for your night? If you’re stuck for inspiration, here are a few ideas to get the ball rolling.

So bad, it’s good

We all have our guilty pleasures – whether it’s a cheesy film genre or a type of music we just shouldn’t like – so why not showcase this hidden side in fancy dress? There may be a reality TV star you secretly wish to emulate or a hobby you want to keep under wraps – whatever your bad taste, fancy dress allows you to explore it in glorious fashion. Some choices may not be so easy to represent in costume, but playing the guessing game always adds to the fun and mystery for your guests!


While it’s always fun to dress up for the sake of it, fancy dress can be put to very good use when you plan a surprise party for a special purpose. For example, if you are hosting a leaving do for work or an engagement party, you could instruct guests to dress to a theme that reflects the personality or hobbies of the chosen person.

Surprise an unsuspecting couple or individual by parodying them (affectionately, of course) in fancy dress mode. For example, if your boss or colleague is a fan of all things sci-fi, you could have your group surprise them with a room full of alien’s, astronauts and spaceship crew.

Time travel

Sadly, the Tardis isn’t real, but this can’t stop us flirting with time-travel in other ways. Simply ask guests to pick their favourite era and dress accordingly. This may be a favourite decade for fashion or music or it may even be their favourite historical era. The result can be a fun mismatch of historical figures and more modern trends since your choice of costume can reach as far back or as far forward as possible.


This can make a great theme for stag and hen parties too. Ever imagined a Roman emperor sharing a round of drinks with Madonna and a cowboy? Us neither, but it would definitely turn heads and make for a truly memorable night out.


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