Lapland=Winter Wonderland

You guys, Santa exists.  And when he isn’t in the North Pole he is in his hometown of Lapland, Finland. Lapland comes into its own during winter; it’s famous as the ultimate Christmas destination and thousands visit every year to get into the Christmas spirit. A trip to Lapland it’s the ultimate winter wonderland experience.

You can meet Santa in person at the world-famous Santa Claus Village, watch reindeer in their natural habitat, take a sleigh ride, ride a dog sled, take long snow hikes, and curl up in the evenings with hot cocoa in an igloo, cabin, or ice hotel. Located in the Western Region of Finnish Lapland the Snow Village is rebuilt every year during the coldest winter months and is a huge ice complex with an ice hotel, ice bar and restaurant, and even an ice disco with light up dance floor!

Going to Lapland and not taking a reindeer sleigh ride is like going to Tokyo and steering clear of sushi – you’re missing the main experience, the country’s ace card.

And if you’re not sold, Lapland is a perfect spot to lay under the stars and watch the Northern Lights (a total bucket list experience).




Have you ever heard about the Midnight Sun? It’s a phenomenon that occurs in the proximity of the Arctic and Antarctic circle  where the sun does not set at night.  Is the contrast to the polar nights, where the sun keeps hidden below the horizon.  Sounds like magic? It feels like it.

Lapland is situated on the Arctic circle and enjoys both periods. The Midnight Sun happens during the summer months,  while the Polar Nights take place during winter.

The Midnight sun allows you to enjoy incredibly long sunsets observing the sun coming down until the horizon but staying there during the night. This gives Lapland endless days and light to enjoy the nature, or summer festivals as the Midnight Sun Film Festival.

A trip to Lapland on Christmas 2014 anyone?

Experience Midnight sun



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