Kit out your conservatory for that ideal sunny Sunday


“Sunday morning,” sang Nico from art rock band The Velvet Underground, her voice lilting in a haze. Coupled with the subtle twang of a guitar, The Velvet Underground managed to convey everything you need to know about a sunny Sunday – it’s relaxed, carefree and allows you to do whatever you please.

And while Lou Reed, John Cale and Nico might have spent lazy Sundays holed up with Andy Warhol, you’ve probably got a different story in your middle class suburbia. For you, a conservatory is the perfect place to kick back, relax and watch the subtle summer pass you by.

But what do you need for the ideal conservatory, and the ideal Sunday, in your home?

Get it glazed

Whether you prefer your conservatory in the summer, spring, autumn or winter, it’s important to invest in double glazing to retain heat come rain or shine. When the sun is shining, you’re more likely to reap the rewards with a fully double glazed conservatory – that extra pane will allow you to retain more of those Vitamin D-inducing rays.

So, if you want to make those Sunday mornings a little warmer, make sure you’ve got double glazing.

Have Sunday’s breakfast sorted

You’ve woken up, shoved some pants on and grabbed the morning paper from the front door – now it’s time for breakfast. But what inevitably happens? You open your fridge to find nothing more than a load of condiments and no real food. Tragic.

Make sure you’re fully stocked before the morning comes and, more pertinently, have your summer suntrap set up to accommodate that mass of eggs, sausages, croissants and black coffee. Invest in a nice large coffee table that will give you enough room to fit your food and your Sunday paper.

Pick your tunes

You might want to hear I’m Waitin’ for the Man on full blast, but that won’t do any good if your conservatory isn’t hooked up to a speaker system that’ll really let you hear the distortion on Venus in Furs.

But you don’t have to invest in an entirely new sound setup – instead, purchase a wireless speaker system that will connect to your current hi-fi or laptop and pump tunes into your conservatory with clarity, fidelity and ease.

Faun at the flora

Plants are the easiest way to make your conservatory look bright and happy. Indeed, there’s science behind the cheerful effect plants have. Thanks to photosynthesis, in which flowers and the like ingest light and “breathe out” oxygen, your little rays of light will be put to good use.

In fact, only a few decades ago, conservatories were used exclusively as greenhouses. So, stock up on plant life, stick on Sunday Morning and relax.


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