Decking out your wardrobe with this season’s nautical trends

Although the fashion world is known for throwing new and wonderful styles at us every season, there are some trends which are on something of a seasonal loop. Take the nautical trend for example – a staple inclusion of any summer wardrobe, it’s a perennial favourite amongst both those who own their own boat and those who simply wish they did.

So, whether you’re looking at dinghy insurance to protect your much-loved sea vessel or are simply dreaming of sailing away on a yacht, we have the perfect style tips to help you look the part.

Anchors away!


Just like moustaches, owls and aboriginal prints, anchors are a popular staple of today’s clothing. The perfect way to add a nautical touch to your outfit, look for tops with anchors embroidered on them or use anchor shaped accessories (such as jewellery) to create a more subtle look.

Striped to perfection


If you’re not a fan of the anchor emblem then fear not – there are plenty of other nautical fashion elements you can embrace. Striped tops were a big part of the traditional sailor uniform and this is a trend which has definitely captured the modern imagination.

The best thing about stripes is that you can find them on almost every cut or type of top imaginable. From tight-fitted vests to looser tops with bat-wing arms, you should choose a style which flatters your shape and makes you feel comfortable.



As any budding fashionista knows, fashion is about more than just clothing; it’s about accessories and creating a full outfit. For the nautical look, neckerchiefs, deck shoes, hats and light jewellery are the perfect accompaniment to any outfit and can help you add the finishing touches to your look.

While these are all style staples of the nautical look, they’re not your only options. A great alternative to deck shoes are canvas or rope style wedges or flip flops or flat sandals that use nautical colours (navy, white and red) or patterned fabrics.

These materials and colours are commonly associated with sailing and are a great way to tie your sailor-style together without limiting you to one particular item in the shops.

Style summary

If your wardrobe is void of nautical attire then take a look at this summary of staples and invest in a few essential pieces.

  • Patterns: key patterns to look for include stripes (preferably horizontal) and anchors


  • Colours: navy blue, white and red are the staple colours of a nautical look but you can experiment with different shades of these core colours to give the style your own unique spin


  • Clothes: vests and looser tops are the ideal choice for clothing your top half while chinos, ¾ length trousers and shorts are preferred for the bottom half


  • Accessories: jewellery should be kept minimal and light while deck shoes, wedges or flip flops using nautical colours and classic materials such as rope or wood are ideal. Hats and neckerchiefs are the perfect finishing touches for those not afraid to stand out from the crowd



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