Style Under the Sun: Preparing Your Wardrobe for a Caribbean Holiday


So you’re all booked up for your Caribbean holidays for 2014, but before you can sit back and enjoy the run-up to your holiday, you’ve got the often-dreaded packing to do.  What should you pack? Can you still be stylish, as well as cool and comfortable in the lovely tropical heat?
The answer is yes. All it takes is a little bit of planning. And while you’re busy planning your special Caribbean holiday wardrobe, the big day will arrive before you know it.

First of all, let’s look at your carry-on luggage. When travelling such a long distance, your luggage may be delayed or delivered separately to your hotel, so as well as all your daily essentials, pack a light change of clothes in your hand luggage. Something as simple as a swimsuit or bikini and pool cover-up or an extra pair of shorts and T-shirt will let you wait at the pool or just stay cool while you’re waiting for the rest of your clothes to arrive. It will also do wonders to make you feel fresher after your long flight.

For a woman’s luggage, light materials are the main way to go, which will also allow you to roll your clothes up inside your suitcase, giving you more room. Trousers should be made of linen or another cool material that will also dry quickly and capri pants are a good alternative. Dresses are best in a chiffon or cotton, so pack a couple as well as an extra swimsuit or two so you’re not stuck waiting for your only one to dry.

Some islands in the Caribbean have different customs about what is and isn’t okay to wear, so be sure to check in advance. It’s best not to pack anything too revealing, anyway. Anything camouflage is also forbidden and even illegal in some places.

Cotton and linen shorts are a good bet for men, as well as some fresh shirts and a couple of jackets or suits for dining out. Polo and sports clothing are also a good idea, as they are usually designed to cope with the heat and sweating.

Finally, don’t forget to pack some comfortable shoes (and, of course, your flip flops!) Trainers or plimsolls should be fine for most of the holiday if you’re planning on walking around the town.

What would be your top wardrobe essentials for a Caribbean holiday?


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