Accessories You Need This Season

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There’s no denying that accessories really are a girl’s best friend. The perfect piece of jewelry, or an incredible hat can turn any outfit from drab to fab. A collection of great accessories can also save you money in the long run, as they can totally transform basic pieces of clothing you already have in your wardrobe. So what are the top accessory picks this season? Read on to find out!

A Snake Skin Belt

Snake skin has been in fashion for so many years, and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere. Dare to be different this season with a snake skin belt in shades of maroon and rich dark reds. Pair it with an all black outfit for an ultra chic look. Our pick this season is this gorgeous (and inexpensive) belt from Etsy!

Diamond Earrings

Let’s be honest – we’d be happy with anything covered in diamonds! Instead of diamond rings this season, we’re crushing on diamond earrings! There is nothing more that screams luxury than a pair of beautiful diamond earrings. Go all out with a chandelier pair, or go for a more understated look with diamond studs – whatever you choose you’ll be sure to turn heads with all the glitz and glamour! Michael Hill Jewellers have an incredible collection this season at affordable prices

A Velvet Hat

If you’re not a ‘hat person’ then this season you’ll just have to become one! A velvet hat can take a plain black dress to a whole new level. Wear it when it’s hot outside to protect your pretty little face from the dangerous rays, or wear it’s when it’s a bit colder to keep your ears warm! Whatever the weather wherever you are, make sure you grab yourself one of these gorgeous hats. Check out this incredible hat from Polyvore – it’s definitely our pick this season!

A Pair of Coloured Aviators

Aviators have been a favourite for celebrities and us normal folk alike for many years. This season, Ray Ban, the originators of the famous aviators have taken fashion to the next level with their coloured lenses! Our favourites are the blue and green coloured lenses, but there are many other colours to choose from. Make sure to get the polarized lenses for extra protection from the sun!

A Satchel Bag

Yes yes ladies, we’re being taken back to school! Satchel bags are back and in a very big way – all of the top designers are taking part in the trend as well. Go for rich brown and black leathers for a safe choice that will match with anything, or choose a more daring colour that will be your statement piece for the season.

So there you are ladies, our top picks for accessories you need in your wardrobe this season! Make sure to get on these trends quickly before they sell out! They transform any boring wardrobe to something spectacular!




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