Picking the right oils can be a slippery slope

Now if you’re anything like me then you’ll know your way around the beauty sections of any department store. You know the differences and benefits of natural products and know what’s right for you.

Myself personally, I am a fan of Jojoba Oil, especially on my hair which seems to dry out quite quickly. But since I began using it a couple of years ago it’s definitely looking healthier – think about those women on all the shampoo adverts with their “luxurious” hair? Well I feel like one of them sometimes, and all without the celebrity beauticians and stylists!
However, did you know that Jojoba oil first appeared as an alternative to whale oil after the importation of whale oils was banned in the US in 1971? Nor did I, but since then it has been known to be a greater source for cosmetics than its prohibited predecessor.
Jojoba is one of the products you can use on your skin and on your hair so you won’t be dealing with a mess of bottles all over your dressers (see – tonnes of benefits)!

Of course everyone’s skin is different, and so is our hair. We all have different needs and want different results, and there are a lot of options out there so choice can be confusing. If you really want to find out what suits you then speak to an expert, in store, on the internet, on the phone… there is a lot of information available.
As a start, there’s an infographic below with some information about oils and natural products. Have a look and see what you might be wanting to look at for yourself!

The Oil Time Winners


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