How to Enjoy Fresh Flowers for Longer

Bloom & Wild_Lilies

There is something really special about fresh flowers, whether receiving them as a gift or buying them for your home. One of the charming traits of fresh flowers is their transient vitality. But obviously the longer they stay alive and beautiful, the better. Here are a few suggestions to keep your flowers looking tip-top and lovely for longer:

  1. As soon as your receive your flowers, cut a few centimetres off the ends using secateurs or scissors, and immediately place in a deep bucket/container of water. If the flowers seem really tired, leave them in cool water for several hours, even up to 24 hours to revive them.
  2. Keep in mind that flowers with fleshy stems, such as gerberas or cala lilies do not like to be in deep water as the stems will rot faster. Woody stemmed flowers, such as hydrangeas and roses are thirsty flowers and will need more water in the vase.
  3. Hydrangea heads can be dunked completely in water to add moisture to the flowers, especially effective if they are looking a little droopy.
  4. It’s essential to start with a squeaky clean vase. Wash in a dishwasher, or scrub thoroughly, making sure all soap is rinsed completely away, and finish with a bleach rinse to kill any bacteria in the vase. Bacteria are the big killer of your fresh flowers!
  5. Do remember to use flower food to aid the life of your blooms. It really does make a difference!
  6. Remove all leaves off the stems that will sit below the water line. Leaves rot in water and contribute significantly to the bacteria level in the water, which in turns speeds up flower deterioration.
  7. Re-cut the stems at a 45-degree angle and place in the vase (ideally within about 30 seconds as the flower will begin to seal at the end of the stem after this time).
  8. Change the water every 2-3 days to ensure your flowers sit in clean water.
  9. And not to forget, location, location, location! Never place flowers in direct sunlight, near an electrical appliance (like a TV or computer), and do not place near a fruit bowl as fresh fruit gives off a gas that kills flowers very quickly.

If you follow these simple tips and give your flowers the TLC they deserve, you can enjoy your lovely blooms for so much longer.

Vanessa Birley works at Bloom & Wild as their in-house Floral Designer. Bloom & Wild deliver luxury fresh flowers, packaged in bespoke boxes that fit through the letterbox, making fresh flower delivery a beautifully simple experience. They offer one-deliveries, gift flower subscriptions and personal subscriptions. Bloom & Wild have kindly offered my readers £5 off any flower gift, simply visit and enter code ‘MeganS5’ at the checkout.



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