Review Fragrance Miss Dior Cherie


 Miss Dior Cherie

Delightfully Gorgeous, Fun, Flirty, Richly Feminine, Joyfully Sensual concoction. I am tickled to death by this sophisticated little number. Thankfully, it is very much NOT the sickening bubble gum sweet, syrupy, caramelized-popcorn foody mess of the 2005 version. This one is an unmistakably DIOR chypre floral with its stamp of richly sensual spicy elegance coupled with an understatedly sweet-earthy, flirtatious sexiness typical of the house. 

This one opens with a mouth watering invitation of citrus and juicy strawberries followed by a shower of jasmine sambac and roses, resting finally in a freshly earthy bed of vetiver, sandalwood, oakmoss, amber and patchouli. I usually dislike an overly heavy, dirty patchouli. Here however, the patchouli is kept in check with a shot of freshly clean oakmoss balanced with the warm depth of sandalwood and deep womanly amber. Vetiver is the note that bolsters the entire base and actually provides further anchoring depth and a perfect finishing touch to a warm embrace of earth beneath the lovely fresh fruit and understated florals. 

This mixture is fascinating on my skin in the balance achieved by the delicious fruity-floral ness and the freshly bracing, yet warm earthy base. The combo folds outward into a curiously addictive mixture of sexy fun and serious sensuality at all once. Rather like being naked in a luxurious bed of jasmine and roses while snacking on succulent strawberries and oranges as a vial of exotic incense sends wisps of amber/vetiver/patchouli through the air while you recline in a forest of sandalwood dripping with oakmoss. I love it.


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