Review Fragrance Burberry Body Tender


Despite what people are saying about how boring this is, I personally always have room for a “safe” scent on my vanity. Work, family gatherings, first-time meetups, whatever the occasion.

Not only do I have an appreciation for this as a safe scent, but I do find it to be quite beautiful. Warm, but clean.. soft and textured. Not linear, in my opinion.. stays crisp throughout the dry down on my skin, and pretty decent longevity for an edt.

Just bought this after scraping by on the generous sample I was given, could not go without it! Was also watching an interesting review of the Burberry ‘Body’ and its noted similarity to Lancome’s ‘Tresor’ and ah-ha! There it is, the peachy rose reason I immediately just fell in love with this fragrance.

My aunts wore Tresor for majority of my formative years, and it was just cozy, sweet, and endearing to me. What I find in BT is a bit of an added edge with the wormwood and tea.. updated and fresh nostalgia to my nose! Feels sophisticated but still naive.. I can definitely see myself purchasing this for years to come. Yay!


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