3 Trendy interior design styles

Do you want to redecorate your house and you are not decided what to change or do you have too many ideas and not manage to make a decision? The interior design  primarily involves symmetry. Therefore, it is important to focus on a particular style, so do not combine items that have no link between them because the result will be a disaster. Here are some trendy decor styles from which you can chose:

Art Deco style
Art Deco style, very popular in the years ’20-’30, returns again to the attention of decorators. It is characterized by a simple color and minimalist structures. Sleek lines, strong, lacquered in general are also important features of the Art Deco style.

Wooden furniture is most often used in the Art Deco interior uni. Chromatic on which it is based consists of white, red, blue. These colors are often accented by the use of steel, aluminum, chrome, glass, mirror or white marble. Lighting is based on table lamps, wall and ceiling lights are scattered throughout space.


Asian style
Asian inspired interior decorations have become very popular. Asian decor style furniture is characterized by simple and highly ordered areas. It is based primarily on Feng Shui elements that help you have a balanced life by attracting positivity in your home. Typically, furniture is made with black wood, but its also used frequently the bamboo.


Contemporary elegant style
For a long time, designers have focused on a pretty cool contemporary decor, which lends to the Art Deco style. With time, however it was restyled and slightly softened, and its popularity has grown increasingly more. Contemporary style focuses on elegant, simplicity and subtlety. It is defined by monochrome neutral shades or black and white. Contemporary architecture is also characterized by high ceilings, huge windows and large spaces between the pieces of furniture.



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